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Our families are, many would say, the most important part of our lives. Family counseling realizes this simple fact. When our families are connected and communicating effectively, we notice the rest of our lives are going better. We can feel comfort, support, and stability. Adversely, when something isn’t working well in the family dynamic, we can feel pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. This is because these relationships are so ingrained in our very psyche, which means souls. Family therapy wants to help you heal at this very deep level. Because you don’t need to live this way and have this discomfort following you around.

Navigate Family Complexities

Family counseling believes change starts when the family is ready. That is, to see improvement and to be open to trying new ways of communicating. Everyone is dealing with their own issues and struggles. When you collectively put people together there are bound to be some differences in perspective that arise – especially among family members. This is because family members are enmeshed and integrated in each other’s lives! Yes, we get to know each other so well! (Perhaps too well? Sometimes?) We know how to push each other’s buttons and we know how to trigger each other either consciously or subconsciously. And hence, family members can take for granted what certain members mean to them.

We forget positive ways in which to effectively talk to each other and respectfully deal with each other’s issues. We are all bringing our own unique “skeletons in the closet” to the table. And this is because we’re human. Sometimes it helps to know that we are ALL a little bit “crazy”. And this is a good thing because none of us are perfect and so we shouldn’t expect perfection from the people whom we love the most. Especially in these times of politics and Google and Coronavirus and vast amounts of data coming at us.

It’s just “not how it used to be”. We can all agree on this. Thus, the complexity of the family system has only compounded exponentially. We all seem to have a difference in perspective and experience. Families look so different across the board, in so many ways, but when we zoom in, there are things we all share. Sometimes it’s a movie, or going on a walk, or looking up at a sunset. This is why we value the ability to respect each individual within a family. We all have our own unique challenges to work through.

Specialized Family Therapy

In order to make effective change and work through the many layers of the family dynamic, it is important to seek counselors who offer family therapy. These are trained professional counselors who can understand the complexity of the family system and work with everyone – so that every family member’s voice is heard and respected. We all know how vulnerable it can be for a family to take the step toward working on interpersonal relationships. Family therapy is a way to finally unravel the tension and find new ways to cope and be at peace with one another. We all know how important our families are for our well-being and health. Family counseling is the way to start enjoying each other again.

Quality Online Family Counseling

You may be wondering “does online counseling work when it comes to family therapy?” The answer is an astounding yes! We have seen many different families with various struggles find new ways to cope and work together more lovingly and effectively – all the while being online for their counseling. After a while you don’t even notice you are online – the issues come through organically and express themselves. Many people who have done both prefer online family counseling because you can do it from the comfort of your couch with a warm cup of coffee or tea.

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Promoting Emotional Comfortability

Some people feel that it is easier to express their feelings in online counseling. Because not everyone is comfortable with crying, for example. Many people see it as “too much” or “not manly”. But our feelings are here for a reason, biologically. They are put here to help us. They can help us work through our problems. Tears have chemical compounds in them – small amounts of valium – that relieve pain.

Crying is an art form. Not everyone can do it. For many people it takes work. There is nothing wrong with grieving, with showing vulnerability. In fact, those who can make themselves vulnerable are truly in the ring of life, down in the mud. The greatest soccer players are the ones who get hurt the most. They are over there in the corner with their bandages. Same with the boxers. Same with the great artists and musicians and scientists, who have worked so hard to find that algorithm or to create that song. Having a counselor helps you to access those wounds that are on the inside. Those tears. Because when you work through the pain, you can get up, and keep on moving. And suddenly, things begin to flow.

Why Work With Us?

Family counseling here at Sunflower will work with your family to find the best fit – a therapist to work on your specific needs. We greatly cherish the family relationship and value the tremendous honor it is to be a part of your family’s journey toward reaching your goals of happiness and finding the true peace you deserve.

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The first step you have already taken care of. You are here taking this action to start on the journey by looking for help. Our caring staff is here for you throughout the entire process. You can call, text, or email and we will ensure that we will find a family counselor who will work with your family to get you the help you need. You don’t have to wait when you call Sunflower Counseling. We are here for you.

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