Susie Howells, PCLC

Welcome! I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Candidate (PCLC), a National Certified Counselor (NCC), and a proud member of the American Counseling Association. I champion a client-centered approach, guided by humanistic and existential therapeutic principles. I fundamentally believe in your innate capacity to understand yourself better than anyone else. My goal is to cultivate a therapeutic setting that is affirming, empathetic, and validating, echoing the words of Carl Rogers: “It is the client who knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, and what experiences have been deeply buried.”

I work with adults, utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, mindfulness-oriented practices, and trauma-informed care. I have adapted to diverse settings – whether it be in-office, community, at home, or through telehealth – to deliver optimal client care. Furthermore, I honor and integrate spiritual perspectives, acknowledging the significance of near-death experiences (NDEs) in shaping one’s life narrative.

Rooted in Montana for the majority of my life, I am presently offering telehealth services as I transition to my new home in the Missoula area. I am honored to accompany you on your journey towards self-discovery and healing!

Insurances accepted: Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Allegiance, Pacific Source, MT Health Co-Op (Utah health Plans), Allegiance-Cigna, Healthy MT Kids – under Blue Cross Blue Shield. Out-of-pocket is $90/session.



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