Calm in the Face of Anger – Musings in Missoula

Counselors and therapists in Missoula often hear about anger, and the concept of anger in today's stressful times. Staying calm when we’re angry is never easy! Sometimes we just feel an unstoppable, or impulsive desire to act when these emotions come up. Maybe, from an evolutionary perspective, that was once very good (so we could quickly dodge out of the way of a rattlesnake on the trail and kill it

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Advice on Listening and Speaking – Musings in Missoula

There is no doubt that these are stressful times for many of us. A global pandemic, inflation, economic uncertainty, a major war in Europe, attacks on democracy itself here in the United States. Deep breath. In this time, it is especially important to take time to think about our words. Both among friends and in public situations, our words have the power to sow division and to help foster healing.

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Wisdom for Lonely Times – Musings from Missoula

As a graduate student from the University of Montana in Missoula, traveling twice to England for degrees, and later as a college professor traveling first to India and then Hong Kong, I have had a lot of experience traveling away from friends and family. Each time I went overseas, I went essentially alone. And while the thrill of a new adventure kept me going for at least a few days

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Finding Direction with the 3 P’s: Place, People, and Purpose – Musings from Missoula

When I was in college in Missoula, my favorite philosophy professor, Albert Borgmann, offered this bit of advice for a happy life: find a place that you love, with people you love, doing work that you love. These three factors of happiness can also be simplified as place, people, and purpose. Often when life is going poorly, we can sit down and look at these three for a few moments

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The Power of Self-Therapy – Musings from Missoula

On that show “Alone”, they take people and drop them out into the wilderness with nothing but a bowie knife and a toothbrush. They don’t include toothpaste, so the contestants are forced to used black charcoal instead. My wife and I never miss an episode, and we’re not even hunters. I think it’s because we’re constantly picking up life tips. For example, self-talk. They say that before a person makes

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Art as Therapy – Musings from Missoula, MT

It’s hard being a musician. Or any artist, really. You have more of a chance of being hit by lightning than you do of succeeding. And yet, us musicians and artists carry on. May I say, it helps if you’re one of the lucky few who are born at the right time and in the right environment. Remember Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”? In that great book, we learned that Bill Gates

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