Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have you ever wondered if you are affected by the weather? Growing up in Montana I feel a strong connection to the daily weather changes. I get a surge or loss of energy sometimes when the sun is at its peak or lacking. I also know a lot of people, like me, who start to feel lackluster when the days get shorter and the seasons change. These people feel bouts

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Thoughts on David Goggins – A Blog

Somehow I got into David Goggins - and now, after many listens, I think you should check out one of his YouTube videos and listen to this book on Audible,"Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds". The audiobook is better in some ways, because he describes it as "an audiobook, a radio show, and a podcast" all mixed into one. In other words, he does a commentary

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3 Great Ideas from “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight – Book Review

As counselors at Sunflower Counseling here in Missoula, we love to read. And as such, today's 3 great ideas come to us from: "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight - the founder of Nike. Get a crazy idea Phil Knight is a trail blazer just like those guys who made the Oregon Trail.  Deep down he knew that life was short and he wanted to leave his mark on the world.

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“Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday – Book Review

We like to read books here at Sunflower Counseling. And today's book review is motivational. And it's about the ego. The author is defining ego not like the Freudian "I", but rather, as in the arrogant sense. And he talks in the book a lot about how our own sense of arrogance gets in the way. For example, when we think of addiction. Often times we tell ourselves that we

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How to Describe Addiction

We live in a strange society.   One where everywhere we look there seems to be something weird and strange. And so we are quick to label, without really thinking things through. For example ... Have you ever referred to someone as a drunk, alcoholic, bum or junkie? When we hear these descriptions our brains instantly place judgment on the person being described. We know the person is more than

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My Panic Attack Story

I guess I thought I was immune to the world of panic attacks! I’m a very outgoing guy, and kind of scared of nothing. When people ask me what I’m scared of, I’ll usually say, “Great white sharks, tornadoes, and Kevin Spacey.” This is because Kevin Spacey appears to have fused to his character in “The House of Cards”. Which is fine. It’s just that that guy was totally crazy.

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