Online Counseling Across Montana

Telehealth Online Counseling Across Montana

We offer online counseling services across the state of Montana for children, teens, and families. You get the same support, but from the comfort, convenience, and safety of your home. We use confidential video software by Simple Practice.To start a session you will be given an email link or you may log into the client portal and access the session.

Tips for video conferencing comfortably.

1. Give yourself time before the first appointment to set up. Please call or text us if there are any issues.

2. Find a quiet space within the privacy of your house. (Put a fan or speaker with white noise outside the door of the room you are in if other noises are distracting.)

3. Headsets or headphones with a microphone are not required, but are encouraged in order to improve sound, reduce echo and protect privacy.

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